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Okay so this little blog post is just on a few tips and tricks that I use throughout my life to keep it optimistic & happy! I have abso...

Okay so this little blog post is just on a few tips and tricks that I use throughout my life to keep it optimistic & happy! I have absolutely no idea if any of you do the same things or have any advice to give me also so feel free to leave comments below! Enjoy! 


Moisturising your skin helps in so many ways- the obvious one being, keeping your skin soft and hydrated. Another good benefit is if you want to maintain a tan for longer, due to the skin being softer it doesn't shed as much therefore the tan staying on you for longer. plus you smell amazing after each shower and have nice glowing skin! I love this dove lotion, it soaks in quickly not leaving you too sticky to put clothes on after applying.

Paint your nails! even if it's only once a week for the weekend, I paint my nails all the time, mainly due to it always getting ruined during the week while i'm working but yeah, every girl has to have nice looking nails and what better way than to have every colour polish under the sun to give yourself a little TLC every now and again. Plus having nice nails gives out a much better impression and stop nail biting! (I used to be really bad before I took pride in un-chipped polish)

Everybody needs to relax, even if its only for 30 minutes a day, that 30 minutes rest can really make an impact on the rest of the day or the next day. it gives your brain time to relax and think properly instead of always being on the go. I usually just catch up on programmes I've missed during the week in my spare time! 

Every girl needs nice soft lips, who will want to kiss you otherwise? I have found this lip balm amazing, its from raw skincare, they have 3 different balms, I found that this one and the mint one have worked amazingly. They have no harsh chemicals in and they actually stop dry skin! What more could you need.

I hope that most of you have paid a trip to a local lush store because as soon as you enter you won't be able to leave empty handed. The shop completely engulfs you in heavenly scents and the products are to die for. They are a little pricey but completely worth it. I don't go regularly, but when I do, I have to pick up a bath bomb or two, especially Sex Bomb which is my favourite! Who doesn't want a pink bath every now and again to relax and reflect upon life?

I know your parents/carers/friends have probably all nagged you to eat your 5 a day, but I really don't see how its so hard.. there are so many amazing fruits to try and what better way to combine them with breakfast to add to your diet to jazz it up a little.. and your instagram feed if you ever need a new colourful food photo.. fruit is photogenic. 

Treats every now and again are also requirements in life. good food was put on this earth to make our tummies smile inside and make us smile outside, so go on, next time you want a piece of chocolate, bag of crisps, ice cream or a takeaway once a week, its not going to hurt and as drake says.. YOLO (haha i'm kidding) but honestly, don't get so uptight about eating badly, you can always exercise more! 

This is something every girl needs to perfect, winged eyeliner. someday I will do a youtube tutorial on how I do mine because it literally takes me two seconds to do. I don't understand how people struggle so much! I use the Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner and I can't use anything else because in my opinion, everything else is rubbish. Need I say no more! 

No, I'm joking. This one is about face masks. I try to do a face mask once a week on top of my daily skin routine (cleanser, toner, & a foaming face wash from the boots tea tree range- its amazing) I use various face masks that I pick up from stores. One of my favorites though, is Manuka honey .. It has to be Manuka, it can't just be general honey as cheap honey has lots and lots of sugar in and it won't do your skin any favours at all. But anyway, smear a thin layer of it over your face, leave for around 10-15 minutes and it will work wonders. It kills the bacteria on your face and gets rid of all the dirt in your pores. then just wash off with lukewarm water, and splash cold water on your face after too. 

Last but not least, face brushes. I have been using makeup brushes for a few years now, how I managed without I don't know. But I have recently bought these real techniques brushes. The bigger one is the stippling brush which is one of my best purchases in a very long time. It is amazing. It doesn't clog makeup up on my face and gives a really natural look which is what we all want with makeup, nobody likes to look like they could scrape it off with a chisel. I would really recommend good brushes and to clean them once a week as having dirty brushes can cause all sorts of skin problems- the most common being spots.. and nobody wants them! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and its helped you a little! 

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